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The List...

The addition of this pages confirms without the possibility of error that I am indeed a true all-out geek. :-) At any rate, here's a list of the systems (and gadgets worth noting) I've owned and the year, as best I can remember, that I acquired them. There is some overlap on my owning these machines, and I have indeed occasionally owned the same machine-type several times.

All linked photos are of the hardware I owned at the time. The units listed in boldface are still in my collection.

Latest computer pictures:   See Gallery

QTVR and photo panorama of computer room:   See the QTVR!
( taken April 2005 )

Images of main setup:   pic1, pic2, pic3
( taken September 2004 )

QTVR of (old) main setup:   See the QTVR!
( taken January 2001 )

Images of (older) main setup:   pic1, pic2, pic3, pic4
( taken March 2000 )