version 1.8.1 -- June 15, 1998


1. What is the Philips Nino?

2. What are the specs?

The Nino 301:

The Nino 312:

The Nino 320:

3. What is the official Nino release date?

4. What is the expected price of the units?

5. Does the Nino come bundled with Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, etc. like the HPC's?

6. Does the Nino come with a web browser?

7. Can HPC applications run directly on the Nino?

8. Will it be "Mac compatible?"

9. "Click-on" modem?? Doesn't the Nino have a softmodem built-in, like the Velo?

10. You mean I have to carry around the "click-on" modem to do my e-mail?

11. Can I hook a keyboard to my Nino?

12. Can the Nino's display be rotated 90-degrees (for a landscape orientation)?

13. What sort of handwriting recognition (HWR) will the Nino use?

14. What is the battery/power situation with the Nino?

15. Can the Nino's ROM be upgraded easily?

16. Will the Nino do voice dictation?

17. Is there a "left-handed" Nino?

18. Is the Nino more of a "machine" than the PalmPilot / Palm III?

19. Does the Nino have a lid or screencover?

20. Is the Nino waterproof?

21. Is it possible to develop application for the Nino using Visual BASIC?

22. Does the MS Windows CE Toolkit for Visual C++ contain the Palm-size PC SDK?

23. Can I develop for the Palm-size PC under Windows95 or do I need NT?

24. Will the Nino have a similar file directory strucure as compared to HPC's?

25. Does Microsoft have a Palm-size PC FAQ?

26. What are the properties of the Nino's physical casing?