PC Expo '98

          Well, what can I say, PC Expo was quite an experience. From my perspective, it was a computer afficianado's ultimate toystore. So many new technologies were on display that it was indeed somewhat overwhealming (as was the size of the Javits Center itself). I was pleased to see a large WinCE focus from Microsoft at the expo, as well as significant showings from other PDA vendors. There were so many exhibits that if I were to start commenting on all of them, this page would never end up on-line. So, what I am presenting here is basically a thumbnail index (click for larger image) of photos that I gathered with my digital camera at the Expo, with little commentary. Actually, most of the thumbnails pertain to devices that have been discussed in some detail somewhere on my page in the not so distant past. At any rate, I hope you enjoy this fairly minimalist representation of what I came away with at the 1998 PC Expo.

          Philips Mobile Computing Group's booth was quite impressive. Large and artfully rendered, they were clearly pushing the Nino quite hard indeed--much harder than the Velo 500, or any other Philips offering for that matter. There were probably 10-15 Nino's on display (not sure which models, they were labeled "Nino 300 Series") and there was always a good sized crowd there using them. I was very impressed with their setup and was quite pleased to find an unexpected display of all the Nino's accessories, some of which I had not heard reports of previously. Philips' Nino display was several times the size of its Palm-size PC competitors and far more engaging overall. Yes, I must say I was quite pleased with what I saw...most of which is thumbnailed below. (The digital camera makes the Nino look as if it has an aqua-marine backlight, which it does not--it's backlight is a very pure green.)

Philips' Booth at the Expo
Nino App Buttons (side view)
Nino CompactFlash Slot
Nino Bottom View (docking connectors)
Nino Click-On Modem
Nino Dock
Nino-to-PC Cable
Nino AC Adapter
Nino Car Charger
Nino Travelling Case
Nino Premier Travelling Case
Several Nino Accessories (in display case)
Tegic T9 On-screen Keyboard (blurry picture)
Nino Expense Manager (blurry picture)
New Product Info Sheet
Nino "Shopping Bag" (from the Expo)

Casio E-10
Uniden UniPro 100
Everex Freestyle

Jacob Javits Convention Center (inside & out)
General Expo Shot
Sicon Keyboard for Pilot (will be avail for Palm-size PC)
Sony Vaio 505 (THIN!!)
The BeOS Booth (cool OS)
The NY Skyline (from Expo area)