The PDA Collection

This page provides a look at some other handheld machines that I own and newsitems related to "the collection." I am currently collecting PDA's that I consider to be posessing of some quality that sets them part from the lot. Well, if I find a really good deal on a not-so-unique handheld, I might take hold of it as well.... At any rate, here's what I've got, and some words about each. Enjoy.

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HP OmniGo 100
Amstrad PDA-600
Motorola Envoy
Sony MagicLink
Newton MP2100
Newton MP100

4/20/98 - Acquired Newton MessagePad 100

4/9/98 - More MagicLink Toys

3/23/98 - Received the MagicLink!

3/18/98 - Sony MagicLink PIC-1000

3/15/98 - The PDA Collection Page Goes Online

3/14/98 - Acquired Amstrad PDA-600 And Motorola Envoy

3/3/98 - Acquired HP OmniGo 100