Installation Instructions for A1200 Winner Tower (ElBox)
* English translated document composed by Blake Patterson (
v 1.3, 11/20/00

        After receiving my new Amiga 1200 and ElBox "Winner Tower," I was dissapointed to discover that the instructions were in German only, and there was apprently no English translation available. In order to proceed, I decided to use Babelfish to create an English translation of the actual installation process taken from the tower's manual (the entire ma is not represented in this version (I plan updates)).
        Babelfish does a good job, but its ability to draw inferences based upon context is less than ideal. This being the case, I have done the best job I could in deciding what was the intended meaning of certain passages that were confusing as translated by Babelfish, drawing on my (significant) hardware experience. Still--take this as a warning. I will not be held responsible for loss of hardware (or life!) as a result of anything I've written here -- follow these instructions at your own risk! Also, any pieces I felt were so potentially ambiguous that I was reluctant to attempt to translate appear in
green, exactly as they came out of Babelfish.
        Enough said -- good luck!

See photos of my installation here.
Removing the A1200 Motherboard
(Required tools: screwdriver, slotted bolt turner, hexwrench)

Connecting the RESET Switch to the Motherboard
(Required tools: soldering iron)

Attaching the Motherboard to the Housing
(Required tools: screwdriver, hex wrench)

Connecting the Keyboard Interface to the Motherboard

Connecting the Power Supply Adapter

Installing a Zorro Bus-Board

Installing a PCMCIA Adapter

Installing 3.5" Devices
(Required tools: screwdriver)

Reattaching the Internal Side Panel
(Required tools: screwdriver)

Installing the LED Interface

Connecting the Floppy Disk Drive

Installing a Memory Expansion or Turbo Card

Connecting the Power Supply

Connecting the RESET Switch to the Tower

Connecting the STANDBY Switch

Connecting the Keyboard Interface to the Tower

Installing Zorro Expansion Boards

Installing 5.25" Devices
(Required tools: screwdriver)

Wrapping It Up

Have fun with your new Winner Tower!